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O&O DiskRecovery

O&O DiskRecovery can recover lost data from various types of storage media
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O&O DiskRecovery can recover lost data from various types of storage media, including hard drives and removable storage devices. Despite the under-the-hood complexity of the process, the application is very straightforward, mainly because there’s an excellent wizard to guide you through the way from finding the missing files to recovering them.

The application uses three different scanning methods. There’s Deep Scan, which analyzes every disk sector and, consequently, takes a while to do so. For quicker results, you can use the Smart Scan method, which searches only those disk areas that are marked as empty. Finally, in cases in which a partition has been formatted using another file system, you should use the Raw Scan method. This has the advantage of being the most accurate and working independently of the file system used. However, it certainly takes much more time than the other two. Fortunately, the program allows using a combination of methods if you want.

As to recovering data, the tool uses three methods as well. In this respect, if you want to rescue independent files and folders from a partition that hasn’t been reformatted, the Unerase method will probably succeed in that while using less time. In turn, the FormatRecovery method can retrieve formatted and damaged partitions. Finally, DiskRecovery gets back files stored on damaged partitions and disks.

As the bottom line, O&O DiskRecovery is very effective in finding and restoring lost data even in the most severe scenarios of disk damage and partition reformatting. It supports a long list of file formats and you can also add other extensions. Moreover, it lets you install a portable version on a USB drive to avoid those problems appearing when you use the program from the same drive in which the missing data reside.

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  • It’s easy to use
  • It supports various methods to find and recover data
  • It is compatible with multiple storage media
  • It supports a long list of file formats


  • Scanning for lost data usually takes a long time
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